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Self-adhesive paper labels

Self-adhesive paper labels

Self-adhesive paper labels for thermal transfer printing:

Perfect solution for inexpensive label with excellent print quality and a wide variety of applications. Scratch and sunlight resistant. The paper labels for thermal transfer printing are mainly used for labeling individual packages, cartons, pallets etc. 

Adhesives for paper labels: 

• Standard adhesive;

• Strong adhesive – suitable for uneven, dusty and wet surfaces;

• Adhesives for deep freezing applications;

• Easily removable adhesive – suitable for applications, where the labels should be removed subsequently without leaving any traces on the surface of the labeled product.

Self-adhesive paper labels for direct thermal printing:

Self-adhesive labels for direct thermal printing are made of paper with a layer of thermo-sensitive coating that provide black imprint.

The used adhesives are the same as for the labels for thermal transfer printing.

There are two types of direct thermal materials: 

• ECO – no protection of the thermo-sensitive layer. ECO labels are used in stores for marking prices and weight. They are also used in industrial applications for short-term marking and at low levels of pollution;

• TOP – the thermo-sensitive layer has a protection, which makes the label resistant to moisture, fats, alcohol etc. TOP labels are used for printing barcodes, marking industrial products, transport labels.


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