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Standard paper sizes

Standard paper sizes

Paper sizes

The metric system for paper sizes (formats) adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) is used in Bulgaria. ISO 216 consists of 3 series of formats – A, B and C, with numbers from 10 to 0. The smaller the number, the larger the size.

ISO 'A' sizes – mainly printer paper

Format Sizes (mm)

ISO 'B' sizes – posters and drawings

Format Sizes (mm)

ISO 'C' sizes – postcards, folders, letters – created to fit ISO A sizes

Format Sizes (mm)

The most frequently used formats in practice:

A0, A1 – technical drawings, posters

A1, A2 – flip charts

A2, A3 – drawings, diagrams, large tables

A4 – letters, magazines, forms, catalogues, laser printer and copying machine outputs 

A5 – note pads

A6 – postcards

B5, A5, B6, A6 – books

C4, C5, C6 – envelopes for A4 letters: unfolded (C4), folded once (C5), folded twice(C6)

B4, A3 – newspapers, supported by most copying machines and some printers in addition to A4

B8, A8 – playing cards


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