Weber Etiketten Bulgaria OOD is founded as a joint venture between Weber Marking Systems (member of BluhmWeber Group) and the Bulgarian company SIS 45 EOOD, and offers its products in Southeastern Europe.

Its subject of business activity is production and sale of self-adhesive labels primarily for marking and tracing of products.

Today marking becomes mandatory in almost all areas: batch data, data related to production and expiry date, logistic information for dispatch, etc.

Being a member of BluhmWeber Group, Weber Etiketten Bulgaria OOD manufactures a wide range of self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive labels, carton labels, tickets, foil labels and special labels. The technical equipment of the company ensures the production of labels of different materials with various forms and colours. The labels are intended primarily for use with barcode printers, label printing scales, manual and automatic applicators, Print & Apply systems etc. 

Over the past year, the company focused on the production and supply of foil labels: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, security VOID labels and more, used in electrical engineering, electronics and other industrial areas. The company has flexo printing machines which ensure flexibility and speed when executing printing orders, even on 6-colour labels. As one of the leading label manufacturers Weber Etiketten Bulgaria is a reliable partner to hundreds of companies.

In cooperation with SIS 45 EOOD - co-founder and main sale-partner of Weber Etiketten Bulgaria, we offer supply of individual devices and turn-key solutions in marking and production of goods, thus allowing complete control over the goods from the raw material storage, through the various processing steps to final product and then product placement. The offered high technology products make it possible to manage the whole production chain, starting from counting workpieces to manufacturing of the final product.


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The paper – Weber Etiketten Bulgaria

The paper – Weber Etiketten Bulgaria  The paper is a very thin, flat material, a sheet used for writing, drawing, packaging, cleaning. It is produced by pressing together moist fibers, containing cellulose,  which subsequently dry and remain stuck without further adhesive, largely due to the hydrogen bonds, and partly on the fact that they are interlaced. The most commonly used material for extracting cellulose is the wood pulp of appropriate tree species - softwood ones such as spruce and pine, however, other plant fibers can be used as well – cotton, linen, hemp and rice.      The paper is made of timber, which comes from the trees in...


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